Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silly Jessica!

This is how we found Jessica on Saturday watching TV in our room!

Last night we were trying to get Jocelyn to eat any of her dinner, so she could have some of the FHE treats too. At one point we turned around and found Jessica trying to feed Jocelyn her green beans! We had to stop laughing long enough to get a picture!!!

Along with Jessica's, "Come on! Take a bite!" she tried to pull Jocelyn's hands down too!

Just some pictures I took of Jessica today! She won't stop growing up!

This is her new favorite outfit to wear, but she isn't "pretty" until she has her shoes on too!

Wrestling with Dad

The kids have so much fun when dad will wrestle with them! Typically, it doesn't end before we have at least one child crying with an injury. This time we actually stopped the fun before that happened!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wii Injury

So Ashlyn experienced our first real Wii injury, and guess who's to blame? Yes, me!!! I'm afraid she was a little too close as I swung while playing baseball. I was a little worried when she finally lifted her hand to show me because I saw quite a bit of blood, but once we cleaned it we realized there was the tiniest cut but quite the goose egg. Sorry Ashlyn!

One more shot. (Sorry it's blury!) Notice she's not trying to make me feel any better about it with the look on her face!

New Year's Eve Project

This poor room in our basement has been everything from my attempted office/craft room to Craig's office to this attempt at a play room. As you can see, we failed miserably at the play room. The scary thing is that this picture was taken after at least a third of the "junk" had been removed. When we first started you could not even see the floor. Well yesterday Craig and I decided it was time to make it into a functional playroom. Here's the before...

and here's the after!!! We're still going to do some fun things (hopefully) with decorating, but that will have to wait for a bit while we recoup from the cost of this. It was wonderful to have the room done for last night since we had people over to celebrate the New Year. The girls did crafts on the table, watched movies, and played games in here while the 4 youngest boys played the Wii in the basement family room and the 3 oldest boys played the Xbox in our den upstairs. It's only taken us 6 years to get this figured out, but hey, maybe after 10 we'll finally have the whole house figured out! :-)

I believe Craig took this picture to show that for about 40 minutes last night we had 36 people in our home of which 17 of them were 14 and 15 year olds! Our good friends were here and got a call at 10:45pm from their daughter saying that she and her friends were wanting to head to their house for the countdown. Well, that would have meant that her parents would have had to leave our playing, so Craig and I invited them to bring all the friends here. We didn't have a clue as to how many there would be, but we knew we had plenty of food and could handle the group. Well, they came, and we had a wonderful time watching these teenagers mingle for a while. The younger kids were in awe of all the girls and boys here, and we had a fun time counting in the New Year! Maybe having teenagers won't be so bad after all! (I can hope, right?!!)