Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun in the Snow

We awoke to quite a bit of snow today, so our friends invited us to their cul-de-sac to ride on sleds behind their 4 wheeler. We had a great time!
Jessica's friend, Emily(2), pulling her on the sled.

Jessica and Emily's snowman.

Corey pulling the girls behind his 4 wheeler.

Most of the kids awaiting their turn.

Craig pulling the 2 littlest girls on their sled.

More Christmas

Our tree Christmas morning.

Jessica being a super hero!

Not exactly sure what she's doing!!!

All the Campbell cousins in Pocatello.

Christmas Day

Just a few shots of the kids with their presents.

Christmas Eve

Jessica in her new pj's and robe.

Ashlyn & Jocelyn in their new pj's and robes.

Nathan & Garrett in their new pj's and robes.

All together!

Our nativity stars (with Brian's kids).