Sunday, June 13, 2010

6 Week Brianna

Brianna is 7 weeks old tomorrow, and we believe she's about 10 lbs after weighing her with Ashlyn on the scale. Most of my babies have been 10 lbs at 2 weeks, but we still love our little girl!!!

Brianna at 6 weeks with big, open eyes!

Jessica and Brianna

Garrett and Brianna

Utah Summer Games

We just spent 4 days in Cedar City, Utah for the Utah Summer Games. Ashlyn's soocer team (now coached by Craig) competed in the U10 division. Craig, Ashlyn, Jocelyn, Brianna and myself went and had a great time. The other 3 kids stayed at home with their McMinn cousins.
Here's Ashlyn trying to boot the ball!

Ashlyn is incredible at throwing in the ball, and she can throw it in far! Most often the coaches want her to throw in if possible.

It was so much fun having Jocelyn with us. She loves watching and playing soccer, and she found a sister of a girl on our team and buddied up with her every chance they had. Here she's video taping while waiting for the awards ceremony. (And yes, she has a jacket on because it was very wet and cold that morning.)

One foot from all 12 players on the team, and a few showing off their finger nails from the finger nail painting party they had one night. :-)

Go Strikers!!! The team took 2nd place and received silver medals at the awards ceremony. This was a photo shoot before the awards were announced, so we could get close up!