Sunday, June 28, 2009

No More Training Wheels!!!

With all three of our oldest children, I tried to teach them how to ride a bike without training wheels and failed miserably. Then Craig would spend a little time with them, and they instantly started riding. What's up with that?!! Once again I attempted to teach Garrett and failed. Then this week Craig stands and talks to him for literally 2 minutes, and then Garrett starts riding with no training wheels. I don't think I'll even try with Jessica. I'll just hand her over to Craig right to begin with! :-) Here's a picture of teacher and student.

Garrett with his bike.

Garrett doing his thing.

The Garden

For all of you who wanted to see our it is! It no longer looks this way because I started pulling the plants out yesterday. I'm half way done and hoping to finish tomorrow, so I can get some corn planted. Hopefully we'll have a long season so the corn can make it! (Last Thursday I picked over 25 gallons of peas and froze 23 more bags. And...I was picking more peas two days later, but these are going to my neighbor who didn't get any planted this year.)

Sprained Ankle

Wednesday night Craig sprained his ankle playing basketball with guys at the church. We took him in Thursday morning to make sure nothing was broken or torn. He received a clean bill of health, but this is what he did for work on Thursday because he couldn't drive the car with his foot. After it happened Craig informed me that this is what happens when you think you're better than you are. So I'm just wondering what that means for me? Obviously I must have thought I was better at sports than I was because this was an annual scene in our home during jr. high and high school sports. :-)

Fun in the Pool

Tuesday afternoon Jocelyn, Garrett, Jessica, and I decided to go buy a pool. This is what we got. It is 12' X 33". We are having so much fun with it, but it has added a little more responsibility to me to make sure I always know where Jessica is. We are not going to be another statistic of chilren drowning in their pools!

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of these 3 together!

We had the Donigans over later this week to swim with us. We were rudely interrupted by a huge wind storm but got out and things picked up just before it hit!

Heading Out of Town

Craig's dad, Scott, came and visited us on Father's Day and then took us to breakfast Monday morning. After breakfast he took Nathan to Idaho to go camping with Craig's sister and family in Salmond, Idaho. Then he took Ashlyn with him up to Powell, Wyoming to spend a week and a half until we meet up with them for the 4th of July. It has been quite a different week with the two of them gone!

More Father's Day Pictures

Just thought I'd post a few more pictures from Father's Day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The End of our Week

(Once again I can't get my picture to rotate, so tip your head for a minute!)
This is after church with dad. We sure love our dad and can't count the many reasons why we love him soooooo much!!! Love ya Craig!

This is how we chose to start our day celebrating our dad. How many Campbells can you fit in your bed? We can fit 6! Thankfully someone has to take the picture or I'd be out of luck!

The boys before the loaded up for the Fathers and Sons outing this weekend! They went to a campground just outside of Kamas, UT. They had a lot of fun, but Craig did not sleep too good. That would explain the 3 hour nap he took when he got home! The girls and I had a fun night without the boys. We went to Golden Corral with another friend and her daughter and ate until we were bursting at the seams. Then the fingernail polish came out, and then we played a fun game in the morning. I even have blue on my nails, so don't die of shock!!! I love my girls but missed my boys. Good thing we have a little of both. :-)

Ashlyn's team giving a cheer after her final game of the season. She did end up having a make-up game on Saturday, and they won 10-1 which put them in the tournament this coming week. They were very excited, especially after enduring the cold rain to beat out the other team. Oh, and Ashlyn had her first pop fly catch of the season earning her an icecream cone from the coach. Plus, she was invited to play on an all-star team for a special tournament over the 4th of July, but we will be out of town at a family reunion in Wyoming. Even though she can't play in it, I thought that was a great accomplishment for this being her first year of playing softball.

And the Peas Keep Coming!!!

Thursday was finally dry enough for me to get in the garden again to pick. This is what I ended up with, and yes that is a garbage sack full of peas. I had picked four 5 gallon buckets full of peas. The one is partially empty because I had started shelling them that night, but it was full when I had started.
This was my shelling crew on Friday. I told the kids that if they stuck with it until they were all done, I would take them to the store and they could pick out any candy they wanted. The 3 oldest kids stuck with it the whole 3 HOURS! Garrett didn't do too shabby himself, and Jessica helped to deplete the pile by eating everything she shelled. :-) I paid up, and we made a trip to Smiths to get some candy. When I came home empty handed from the store and sore from sitting on the floor that long, I decided I should have gotten me some chocolate too! Maybe next time.

I know many of you may think it's so funny that I do so many posts of my peas, but I am very proud of the contribution I make to our family through our garden. So here's one more picture for you. This is what we ended up with, and I was able to freeze 16 bags this week with 3 cups in each. Not too shabby!!!

A Crazy Bunch of Campbells

Garrett's favorite thing to do lately is to stick these nerf gun darts to his face. I told him to make a scary face, and this is what I got!

Jessica decided to climb on Craig's car this week, and in doing that she ended up falling off and landing on her face. We were not outside when it happened, but we figured we had made a good deduction by the bruising on her face. (Notice the bruise on the forehead and between the eyes; plus the boxer's nose with the scratch.) It's a good thing we didn't have family pictures scheduled any time soon! The swelling and bruising is going away, and our pretty little girl is returning quickly.

Since I posted a picture last week of our morning biking, I decided to post a picture of our running morning this week. Notice who joined us!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Love our Playground

Almost every day since school has been out, the kids have played in the playground with water. They run the hose out to it and then make rivers and battlegrounds for the army men and just have fun. We love our playground!!!
Garrett with his friend Dylan in the "pool" at the bottom of the slide.

Lexi, Ashlyn and Nathan

Parker and Jocelyn

One of Nathan's great creations.

Messy Room

Due to problems with getting to sleep at night, we put all three girls in one room. The room Ashlyn had been sleeping in was going to become a craft and play room for the girls...

...but it had to be cleaned first!!!

Here's a picture 2 days into the cleaning process. We're getting there!
After four days of cleaning, we finally made it. What a project, but the girls are loving the room! They have been threatened with their lives if they let it get that messy again. :-)

Bird in our Window

Wednesday night we decided to watch "Wipeout" together as a family. When we got downstairs, Nathan saw this robin in our window well. It wasn't able to fly away, so we helped it out. The bird still didn't fly away, so the kids decided to get our old rabbit cage and take care of the bird until it was able to fly again. (They put it in the cage so the neighbor's cats couldn't eat it!) They named it Starley Robin Campbell; and they made up a list of who would find the worms, who would feed it, and who would change it's water. I was so impressed with them. But...Thursday morning we woke up and the bird was dead. The kids were so upset and sad. We're not sure what happened but figure it must have been sick.

Family Exercise

I decided that I wanted my children getting some form of exercise every day this summer, so if they end up in front of the tv for too many hours I won't feel so bad. And, if we decide to do some hiking this summer, then we will be in shape for it. So...we run 1 mile on Mon, Wed, Fri and we ride 3.5 miles on Tue, Thur. We only missed one day this week because of the rain. We're having a lot of fun (not even one tear), but we do hope to have our dad join us this week!

Peas, Peas and More Peas

My shelling crew! They all volunteered to do this. I'll take it while I can get it. :-) This shot was actually from a smaller picking that I had on Monday.

I picked these 2 buckets of peas on Friday while we had a little break from the rain. I'm hoping I'll have a few more pickings like this before the season is done. (This should bring back a lot of memories for my mom!)

Final Game

This was at the end of Nathan's final game for the season. They lost, but gave the other team a run for their money when his team fought back from 10-2 and got it up to 10-6.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silly Jessica!

Jessica has a thing with socks going on. I just had to take this picture. If she had a beehive hair-do the outfit would be complete!

Last Day of School

We were invited to a friend's house for an "end of the year" water party. Ashlyn isn't in any of the pictures because she went to a different water party. It rained on us a bit, and it wasn't the warmest day; but the kids still had a great time!
Nathan trying to dunk his friend Dallin.

Jocelyn sitting with her friend Chelsea.

Jessica playing in the baby pool.

Garrett and his buddy Dylan playing some volleyball.

More Baseball

Here's another shot of Nathan and Ashlyn batting at their games this week. Only one more week of games!
Ashlyn swinging at the ball.

Nathan watching the ball come in.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A view from along the trail in Adam's Canyon in Layton, Utah.
We were hoping to reach some of the waterfalls further up the trail, but the boys were worn out, and it was time to head back. But this was a fun spot to end at either way. There was a lot of run off and it was coming fast too!

Our group on the hike. (2 boys couldn't come.) This is just after the first stretch before you get into the trees, so you can see part of East Layton behind us. And even though the one boy doesn't look like it...he did have a fun time too!