Sunday, July 11, 2010

1 More Lagoon Post

Ashlyn, Jocelyn and Mackenzie

Ashlyn & Sophie, Jocelyn & Jessica, Mackenzie



Proof that I made it onto at least 1 ride. Actually I only went on 2 rides this year, but I would still declare it a successful and fun trip. Maybe next time I'll get to go on some "big kid" rides!

More Lagoon

Kimm and Kyler


Jessica and Craig

(Garrett and Anna are 8 days apart in age, and they are the cutest two kids you will ever see when they are together. They are 2 peas in a pod. When our families are together, they are together the whole time. And Anna can hold her own against Garrett. Hopefully they'll be good friends for a long time to come!)

Anna, Garrett and Sophie

Brianna, Ann (7 months pregnant) and Ann's sister Teth

4th of July

Here are a TON of pictures from our 4th of July weekend. In the past we've had a tradition of going to Lagoon on the 4th, but it's been a few years since we've done it. This year we finally made it back but had Trent and Kimm's families with us. It was so much fun. Trent's family came down on Saturday and stayed the weekend with us. Craig and Trent played in a softball tournament in Perry with their Johnson cousins. We did our own fireworks on Sunday. Monday morning Ashlyn had an All-star softball game. I forgot my camera but her team won 8-3, and Ashlyn hit a TRIPLE which got her team's first point on the scoreboard for the game. After the game we quickly grabbed some lunch and then headed to Lagoon. We stayed until the park closed at 10. It was a LONG day, but so much fun! Can't wait for next year. :-)
Mackenzie and Jocelyn

Brianna at Lagoon. She's 10 weeks old here. (We catch her with her hands in her mouth more often than not. Not sure if we're going to keep her from being a thumb sucker. Keep your fingers crossed for us!)

Looking for trouble? Either one of these girls will work! ;-)
Jessica and Sophie

An attempt at capturing some of our fireworks on film!

The kids were supposed to be sleeping in the backyard in a tent, but when I found out that only 6 of the kids were going to sleep outside and the oldest two out there were the 8 yr olds (with no parents out there), I decided to put a nix on the camping out idea. This is what we ended up with...a huge sleepover in the basement! We love when the cousins come to visit!

Feeding the Ducks

The other day we headed to Barnes Park to feed the ducks. Many years ago we did this with Tiffany and my mom. I decided it was about time I took the kids there again. At least 3 of my kids weren't even born the last time we were there. :-)


For those of you who missed this picture on Facebook, Nathan had a late night on the last day of school. While at the friend's house, they decided to mess around on their tredmill. Well, this is what happens when the tredmill gets cranked up and you don't know how to get off. Nathan was in quite a bit of pain that night. As you can see, he had a ton of burns and a few that were deep enough that they bled. Not a fun thing to see your child in this much pain. The good thing from this...I heard "Mom, now I know why you don't let us play on our tredmill!" Too bad sometimes we have to learn the hard way!

Ashlyn's team took first place this year in softball. Here she is with her friend Kylie. They received the "Stockton to Malone" award from the coaches. Kylie played 1st base and Ashlyn played pitcher. They had more outs from pitcher to 1st than anyone else on the team. They had a lot of fun with it. The funny part of all of it was that Ashlyn had to ask, "Who's Stockton and Malone?" Good thing there wasn't a die hard Jazz fan standing near by!

Had to add a couple pictures of Brianna at 9 wks old. She had her 2 month appt and is now 11 1/2 pounds. She's growing so fast, and I don't think her "small" start is going to hang around for too long. :-)