Sunday, April 18, 2010

After the Baptism Photos

Ashlyn was given control of the camera at the dinner since Craig and I are so terrible and taking pictures at events. Here she's making sure that she made it into one of the photos.

Kenzie sitting on Dylan!

Jocelyn and Hailey (a friend that came from American Fork to support her).

Jessica and Taylor

Nathan and Kyle

Jocelyn's Baptism

Jocelyn's Baptism on Saturday, April 10. It was a wonderful day.

Jocelyn's Birthday

Jocelyn's b-day is on St. Patrick's Day. This is her being silly before school!

Jocelyn with her presents.

Jocelyn begged for a pillow pet. We had to do some hunting online to find one, but this is what she got. A duck that can be a pillow or a pet. The crazy ideas they have out there! (Now Ashlyn is saving up her money for one.)

Jocelyn wanted a chocolate/vanilla swirl cake. Have to say, my girls have good taste in cake. :-)

Ashlyn's Birthday

Jessica trying on Ashlyn's new rollerblades.

Ashlyn before opening her presents.

Excited to find all the clothes she had been hoping for.

Ashlyn chose a poppyseed cake this year. Boy it was yummy!