Sunday, July 11, 2010


For those of you who missed this picture on Facebook, Nathan had a late night on the last day of school. While at the friend's house, they decided to mess around on their tredmill. Well, this is what happens when the tredmill gets cranked up and you don't know how to get off. Nathan was in quite a bit of pain that night. As you can see, he had a ton of burns and a few that were deep enough that they bled. Not a fun thing to see your child in this much pain. The good thing from this...I heard "Mom, now I know why you don't let us play on our tredmill!" Too bad sometimes we have to learn the hard way!

Ashlyn's team took first place this year in softball. Here she is with her friend Kylie. They received the "Stockton to Malone" award from the coaches. Kylie played 1st base and Ashlyn played pitcher. They had more outs from pitcher to 1st than anyone else on the team. They had a lot of fun with it. The funny part of all of it was that Ashlyn had to ask, "Who's Stockton and Malone?" Good thing there wasn't a die hard Jazz fan standing near by!

Had to add a couple pictures of Brianna at 9 wks old. She had her 2 month appt and is now 11 1/2 pounds. She's growing so fast, and I don't think her "small" start is going to hang around for too long. :-)

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  1. She is sooo precious! I can't wait to have a little girl! Hopefully when the next one comes around, but I do LOVE my roudy boys.